Conserving forests for climate impact

Aurora Sustainable Lands actively manages and conserves American forestlands to remove and store carbon from the atmosphere.

Carbon-first management

Aurora taps into the planet’s oldest and most cost-effective carbon removal tool, trees, to deliver nature-based carbon credits with unrivaled reliability, durability, and quality to our customers.

Our approach

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Invested in thriving ecosystems

As landowners and land managers, Aurora is transforming 1.65 million acres of prime American forests, prioritizing the storage of carbon. With $1.7 billion invested in acquiring land previously held by traditional timber harvesting companies and transitioning these forests into carbon storage and management platforms, we are among the largest climate impact investments in the world.

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Harvest rate reduction

Across our portfolio, we are reducing harvest rates by a minimum of 50 percent from prior ownership’s practices, creating healthier forests, increasing carbon removal and storage, and contributing to global climate goals.

Healthier forests at scale

As Aurora's carbon-first forests recover from industrial harvesting practices, watersheds improve, air quality is better, habitats rebuild, and biodiversity benefits. The relatively young age of our forests (most having grown since the early 1900s) provides centuries of growth and carbon removal ahead. This example of a neighboring property in the Lake States compares industrial management to our carbon-first management.


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Actual satellite imagery of a neighboring property from 2020 (left) and a harvesting event in 2022 (right). Aurora land boundary noted in yellow.

Transparent land management

To oversee and preserve the value of our forests, we use the latest spatial and tracking technology, confirmed with on-the-ground measurement by expert foresters. This careful monitoring allows us to track the health of our forests in real time and accurately assess carbon removal. Our data is published on public credit registries to ensure transparency.

High-integrity, verified credits

Aurora offers companies and organizations a verified nature-based solution to address climate change. Our projects adhere to the most stringent standards for valuing carbon credits, ensuring that your investment delivers tangible climate impact over time.

Our carbon credits

Longer term vision

Our forests and lands are creating generational carbon removal and storage. With centuries of future growth and carbon removal potential ahead, the forests have ample time to recover from the shorter, industrial harvest cycles under previous ownership. Aurora manages and conserves resilient, thriving forests that serve as a long-term climate solution.

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