Conserving forests through carbon credits

A new class of climate assets

Aurora buys forests where trees hold more value as carbon than as timber, allowing us to conserve them through our carbon projects. We calculate carbon removed by monitoring real-time growth and ecological recovery as our forests heal from industrial harvesting.


Uncompromising transparency and strict carbon offset standards

Aurora measures carbon removed and stored through science-based, peer-reviewed methods. Our high-integrity carbon credits are calculated by Aurora foresters using the latest in spatial and tracking technology and confirmed with on-the-ground measurement. Independent auditors then verify these measurements to ensure Aurora credits have real, measurable impact.

Project insights

Our carbon projects are listed on public carbon registry databases where our calculations and methodologies are available for review. Credits resulting from our projects are exclusively marketed and sold by Anew Climate. Site tour opportunities are available for serious clients.

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Aurora is one of the largest private forestland owners in the United States

Aurora projects
Aurora owned land

Eligible Aurora forestlands are Forest Stewardship Council certified.

Conservative calculations

A lot can happen in the life of a forest. To account for the variables, Aurora uses the most conservative calculations with deductions to account for the possibilities of carbon loss. We ultimately list one carbon credit for every three to five tonnes of carbon we sequester. This ensures that our credits represent real carbon removal and storage – and protect the impact that our clients have invested in.

Carbon credits with real climate impact

Carbon credits are only as valuable as the care taken in their creation. With Aurora, your investment protects forests and the climate for the long run. We are committed to longer term durability than the voluntary carbon market requires, maintaining a credit portfolio that meets the needs of our clients and the climate. 

Sales inquiries

Our credits are exclusively marketed and sold by Anew Climate. For current availability, simply fill out this form and our affiliate sales team will be in touch.