Aurora Sustainable Lands believes that transparency, accountability, and the public disclosure of information about carbon projects are essential to building a thriving voluntary carbon market that rewards quality, reliability and durability and drives further investment in projects to deliver meaningful impact. Accordingly, Aurora is providing information for a broader set of projects beyond those we market or sell in the state of California in addition to meeting the disclosure requirements set forth in the California Assembly Bill 1305 (Voluntary Carbon Market Disclosures) (“AB 1305”).
Aurora Sustainable Lands, LLC, on behalf of itself and/or its affiliates (collectively, “Aurora” or “we”), is making the following disclosures pursuant to AB 1305 for compliance purposes only. Without first obtaining the express written consent of Aurora, none of the information contained within these disclosures may be used or relied upon by any company, organization, or other person for any purpose, including, without limitation, to form the definitive basis for any decision, purchase, investment, contract or action whatsoever. These disclosures are not all-inclusive, nor do they contain all information that may be necessary to properly evaluate any decision, purchase, investment, contract or other action. The information presented in these disclosures has been developed internally and/or obtained from sources believed to be reliable. While Aurora believes the information in these disclosures to be accurate, Aurora is not making any representation, express or implied, as to the accuracy, adequacy, timeliness, or completeness of any information contained herein. Further, Aurora neither assumes nor accepts any responsibility, obligation, or liability of any kind in relation to any of such information, disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to such information and disclaims any obligation to update any such information except to the extent required by law.