Our approach to carbon-first land management

Our contribution to climate action

Aurora buys historically industrial forestlands to restore forest health and rebuild resilient ecosystems. Our carbon-first philosophy is reducing harvests by a minimum of 50 percent across our portfolio, resulting in thriving forests that support global goals, promote biodiversity, and contribute to clean air and water.


Conservation is key

According to the National Academy of Sciences, the conservation of existing forests is the most cost effective, nature-based way to reduce North American emissions.

The global challenge

The climate is on pace to warm by 2.7 degrees Celsius over the course of the 21st century, within the next 80 years. Experts believe this shift will stress water and food supplies for billions of people as sea levels rise. At the same time, natural forests, one of our best tools for carbon removal are under threat. The United States is projected to permanently lose 12 million acres of forestland over the same period.

Aurora’s solution

Through our carbon-first management we are creating tangible benefits and results. 

Long-term carbon sequestering capabilities
Long-term carbon sequestering capabilities

Rigorous science-based, peer-reviewed methodologies
Rigorous science-based, peer-reviewed methodologies

Enhanced natural landscape resilience
Enhanced natural landscape resilience

Biodiversity on Aurora’s lands


Tree species


Mammal species


Bird species

Protecting tree growth

This image is rendered from the U.S. Forest Service's forest vegetation simulator; a publicly available tool. We use this tool to calculate and forecast projected tree growth over a project’s duration. This is a simulation of expected forest growth at our Atlantic Pinelands site over the next forty years.

Subsurface and renewable energy opportunities

Renewable energy sources

The U.S. is undergoing a generational restructuring of its electricity generation and distribution infrastructure. Aurora's portfolio offers many sites with access to transmission, wind, and solar resources. We welcome opportunities to partner with entities seeking sites to advance the decarbonization of America's electricity grid.

Subsurface geologic carbon storage

Aurora offers carbon capture and underground sequestration (CCUS) sites to entities seeking long-term carbon sequestration. Our properties provide vent-stack carbon dioxide emissions storage solutions with both geologic carbon dioxide traps and deep saline aquifers. Our proximity to point-source carbon dioxide emissions give our customers access to single or multiple sites for permanent and secure storage of CO2 that would have otherwise gone into the atmosphere.

380 K
Acres of subsurface sequestration opportunity